Porch & Lawn Parties of Randolph

"I've lived in Randolph for over 20 years and I've never seen the view from this porch before!"

                                                                                                                                            - Pat Archambault

What is Porches of Randolph?

Porches of Randolph is a new summer season activity for local residents and visitors to safely socialize outside during cocktail hour.  Parties will be held in limited numbers on porches (and lawns) where guests can admire the unique, breathtaking views, and meet friends old and new. Guests are encouraged to bring a donation with them in amount of their choosing. 100% of proceeds will be distributed evenly to the Randolph Foundation, the Randolph Mountain Club, and the Randolph Library.

When and Where?

Each porch or lawn party will be held at different Randolph residences during the summer season July 5 to September 4. Most parties will be held during cocktail hour 5-8pm. Make sure to note the differences between the Valley, Midlands, and Hill views.

How do I attend?

You'll RSVP  like you would to a cocktail party (but online) and will only take a minute. You'll understand that each party will have a max limit.  If a party you want is full you'll be asked if you want to be placed on the waitlist.We also ask you to consider providing a cash or check donation which you can bring to your party.Once signed up, you will be emailed the street address and details a day prior to your party.


If you can’t host this year, please consider volunteering. We need friendly faces at each event to check guests in, collect donations, and maybe take photos. Don't worry, you don't have to do clean up if you don't want to. Think of all the new people you'll meet! Also, if you want to donate food or drinks to any of the parties let us know or coordinate directly with the hosts.  

"Thank you for the inclusion of the Randolph Public Library in your program planning and fundraising efforts."

- Steve Teczar, Board Chair, Randolph Library

Countdown to the first Porch Party!












July Porch Parties at a Glance

Obadiah Mann's View, Friday, July 15, 5:30pm

Hosted by Keith and Redza Dempster and Hatchi the Dog.                           

August Porch Parties at a Glance

Eusden House with that Glorious Valley View, Saturday, August 13, 5pm (and then off to the RMC Annual Meeting at 7pm)

Hosted by Andy Gallop and Sarah Eusden Gallop.                                          

What people are saying

What you're helping to support

100% of your donations will be split evenly between the following Randolph organizations. All administrative costs including design, web development have been donated. Porch Party hosts have donated their homes, time, and refreshments, and do not receive any reimbursement.

The Randolph Foundation

The Foundation was created, and is sustained, by the residents and friends of Randolph, New Hampshire. The Foundation supports the needs of Randolph and its neighboring towns in a variety of areas including conservation, communication, education, recreation, town history, leadership, health and welfare, and other important issues as determined by the Board of Directors and the Randolph community.

Randolph Mountain Club

The RMC maintains a network of nearly 102 miles of hiking trails, principally on the northern slopes of Mount Madison, Mount Adams, and Mount Jefferson in the Presidential range of the White Mountain National Forest, and on the Crescent Range in the town of Randolph, NH. RMC's trails are maintained through the joint efforts of volunteers and a seasonal, paid professional trail crew as well as a part time fall trail crew.

Randolph Public Library

The Library mission is to nurture the  life of the mind by providing free and equitable access to materials and educational experiences which celebrate ideas, promote creativity, connect people, and enrich lives. The Library is supported by the Friends, an enthusiastic group of volunteerswhose mission is to promote and support the Library and communitywith resources and programming. Proceeds from Porches & Lawns will go to the tax-exempt Friends, ultimately benefiting the Library and all residents of Randolph.

Thank You to Our Supporters

And with your continued support perhaps this will be a new Randolph tradition.

Inaugural Hosts 

Keith and Redza Dempster Andy Gallop and Sarah Eusden Gallop Mark and Kathleen Kelley Mary Minifie Blake, Dell, and Thomas Strayhorn Lisa and Steve Teczar Rick and Ginny Umiker Franklin Stone and David Wenk  

For Your Early Support, Special Thanks to

Keith Dempster and Hatchi the Dog Sarah Eusden Gallop Bev Jadis Mark and Kathleen Kelley The Meiklejohns Lucy Sandin The Strayhorns Lisa and Steve Teczar Charlotte Winchell 

When people who love the mountains gather and get to know one another, whether up at the camps, along the trail or out on a porch, it makes Randolph a stronger and more welcoming community. Thanks for making the RMC part of this new tradition.

Randy Meiklejohn President Randolph Mountain Club

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